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Introduction to Community Currencies: Community currencies are local money used for trade within communities, fostering trust and supporting local economies through active community participation

June 2023

How does mutual credit CC work: Mutual credit CC is a community currency for local trade, emphasizing trust and participation, without interest or debt. Balancing accounts periodically sustains the system..

March 2023

Trading with a mutual credit CC, Mutual credit trading uses a community currency for local transactions among participants, without interest or debt. It encourages local economic activity and community support, relying on active community engagement.

January 2023

At the dawn of 8th January 2021, women selling fish at Kambuta market in Obunga, Kisumu woke to a shock of demolition of the only source of livelihood they know by the authorities.

January 2021

A lasting solution to the scarcity of money during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kisumu, Kenya.

December 2020

Kisumu city market traders learn and develop their  own Trading Credits to help retain resources within the city, they call it Maendeleo Trading credits 

June 2020

Social entrepreneurship and grassroots innovations Lecture by Ester Barinaga and Maria José Zapata.

January 2020

Both community members and Kisumu county officials build interest in the need for Kisumu Tokens.

Nov 2019

Takaungu coconut oil press shows kisumu county representatives how community tokens have empowered them and their enterprise.

Sep 2019

Kisumu county representatives and researchers visit to learn more about Miyani digital voucher, Kwale county

Sep 2019

Building economies from below